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If you publish research conducted using oTree, you are required by the oTree license to cite this paper.


Chen, D.L., Schonger, M., Wickens, C., 2016. oTree - An open-source platform for laboratory, online and field experiments. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance, vol 9: 88-97

All apps

Excel | CSV

Data for all apps in one file. There is one row per participant; different apps and rounds are stacked horizontally. This format is useful if you want to correlate participants' behavior in one app with their behavior in another app.


These files contain a row for each player in the given app. If there are multiple rounds, there will be multiple rows for the same participant. This format is useful if you are mainly interested in one app, or if you want to correlate data between rounds of the same app.

App Data Documentation
my_UG_Prolific_ProbMatching_v2 Excel | CSV TXT
my_UG_Prolific_SecondHalf_v1 Excel | CSV TXT
my_UG_Prolific_FirstHalf_v1 Excel | CSV TXT
my_trust_RL_ForcedChoice Excel | CSV TXT
my_trust_RL_ProbMatching_Blocked_InGroupGreen Excel | CSV TXT
my_trust_RL Excel | CSV TXT
my_neuroticism Excel | CSV TXT
my_trust_RL_teams_Blocked_InGroupGreen_SecondHalf Excel | CSV TXT
my_ultimatum_priors_nonsocial Excel | CSV TXT
my_trust_fMRI_probmatching_intructions Excel | CSV TXT
my_trust_RL_responders_CostFunctions_ProbMatching Excel | CSV TXT
my_optimism Excel | CSV TXT
my_trust_RL_responders Excel | CSV TXT
my_trust_fMRI_intructions Excel | CSV TXT
my_ultimatum_priors_social Excel | CSV TXT
my_UG_Prolific_v1 Excel | CSV TXT
my_beauty_contest Excel | CSV TXT
my_trust_RL_responders_CostFunctions Excel | CSV TXT
my_trust_RL_teams_Blocked_InGroupGreen_FirstHalf Excel | CSV TXT
my_trust_RL_responders_ProbMatching Excel | CSV TXT
my_trust_RL_ProbMatching Excel | CSV TXT
my_UG_LEVEL_instructions Excel | CSV TXT

If the above links don't work for you, you can try the URLs and For xlsx, add ?xlsx=1 to the URL.

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